AP Guitar Tuner
for Windows

An useful tuning tool for your guitar.

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AP Guitar Tuner Description

It is useful for the tuning of your guitar.

The notes played by the open strings of a guitar tuned in ' STANDARD TUNING ' where the A string vibrates 440 times per second are as follows.
(there are other tunings possible which we won't go into here) .

* E Bottom or low E this is the thickest string.
* A = 440 Vibrations per second.
* D
* G
* B
* E Top or high E this is the thinnest string.

Sometimes one of the confusions for the novice player, is the fact that ' BOTTOM ' E - is the string which is at the ' TOP ' of the guitar, when the instrument is held in a playing position. What they are referring to, is the fact that this the string which is ' LOWEST IN PITCH.'
' TOP ' E which is the thinnest string, situated at the ' BOTTOM ' of the guitar when held in the playing position, is the ' HIGHEST IN PITCH '

The other common method of identifying strings is numerically.

* E - 6th ... Bottom or Low E
* A - 5th
* D - 4th
* G - 3rd
* B - 2nd
* E - 1st ... Top or High E

The strings are numbered from the thinnest through to the thickest ' Top or High E = 1st String ' and ' Low or Bottom E = 6th String '

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What's New in AP Guitar Tuner 1.02

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AP Guitar Tuner Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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